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The Armed Citizen® Feb. 3, 2023

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An alleged home invader in Nevada ended up in the hospital in serious condition after encountering a homeowner who was armed and willing to defend his property on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2022.

Around 9:30 p.m., the 48-year-old intruder broke into the Pahrump, Nev., residence, armed with a shotgun he had stolen the night before. The homeowner, in his bedroom at the time, heard the intruder entering the house and was armed when the invader kicked in the door to the bedroom. The resident fired twice, hitting the armed burglar twice in the chest.

According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, if the intruder survives his wounds, he will face charges of home invasion, grand larceny of a firearm, burglary and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. The homeowner will not face any charges. (News3 Las Vegas, Pahrump, Nev., 12/15/22)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – July 21, 1987

While opening the door as he returned to his Bronx, N.Y., apartment, Samuel Hundert felt the door jam on something just inside the entrance. Looking through the opening, the 71-year-old saw a knife-wielding burglar inside. Drawing his licensed handgun, Hundert fired through the open door, critically wounding the intruder. (The Post, New York, N.Y.)

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