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Uvalde Mayor Blows The Whistle: Officials Engaged In “Cover-up” Of Police Response To Shooting

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As TFTP reported last month, the Uvalde shooter was able to fire off rounds outside the school building for 12 minutes, unobstructed and unchallenged by law enforcement before he entered the school and murdered children. He then entered the school where he was allowed to remain unhindered for 1 hour and 17 minutes before a tactical unit with Border Patrol showed up, disobeyed the order not to go in, and finally took him out.

As we reported last week, a still shot from a surveillance camera inside Robb Elementary showed that Uvalde cops were well equipped to engage the shooter. At least one of the officers is seen with a bullet proof shield nearly an hour before police would enter the classroom.

The details known by the public about the police response and subsequent investigation have many Texans claiming that a cover-up is underway. Now, the Uvalde mayor himself, Don McLaughlin, has come right out and said it.

“I’m not confident, 100%, in DPS because I think it’s a cover-up,” he said of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the lead agency tasked with investigating the reason why cops allowed the shooter to remain unchallenged for over an hour.

“McGraw’s covering up for maybe his agencies,” McLaughlin said, putting Col. Steven McCraw, the DPS director on blast.

McCraw told the Texas Senate that the police response was an “abject failure” and placed sole blame on school police chief Pedro “Pete” Arredondo. but McLaughlin says there is ore to it than the failure of a single cop.

“Every agency in that hallway is gonna have to share the blame,” he said, pointing out that multiple agencies were in the school. “At this point, I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.”

“I lost confidence because the narrative changed from DPS so many times and when we asked questions, we weren’t getting answers.”

What makes this admission by the mayor so shocking is the fact that just two weeks ago, he said the exact opposite; “there is no cover-up.”

As we reported, parents were thrown to the ground, tasered, and handcuffed outside the school for trying to save their children, while heavily armed officers — with the proper gear to take out a shooter — were inside the school just 19 minutes after the gunman arrived.

They would not enter the classroom for another 58 minutes.

Angeli Gomez was one of these parents who was thrown to the ground and handcuffed, but she persisted nonetheless.

“The police were doing nothing,” said Gomez. “They [the police] were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

Gomez would convince one of the Uvalde police officers to uncuff her and she snuck away.

“As soon as they [police] take me off the cuff I see his arm like, give me a little gateway, because I’m real little so a little gateway where I can just run.”

As heavily armed cops with AR-15s and body armor twiddled their thumbs as a mass shooter murdered children inside the school, Gomez — unarmed and wearing no body armor at all — jumped a fence and rushed into the school and saved her children.

Gomez became an American hero that day but to the cops in Uvalde, she’s an bothersome reminder of their gross incompetence. Since her heroism exposed their inaction, Gomez says she’s been constantly harassed — even at her own home.

While cops harass hero moms and refuse to release the body camera footage, many Texans feel the same way as the mayor and the lack of transparency in this case has them agreeing that a cover-up is taking place. 

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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