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Winchester Is Updating Its Ammunition Packaging

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Winchester has announced the first packaging redesign in more than a decade for its ammunition products in rimfire, shotshell, centerfire rifle and centerfire pistol.

Through the end of this year and also in 2023, Winchester will be rolling out the new packaging across several of its ammunition lines, beginning with popular hunting, target and personal defense products. The new packaging will eventually encompass the entirety of the Winchester ammunition lineup.

New Winchester ammo boxes

Winchester’s new packaging designs for its ammunition products in rimfire, shotshell, centerfire rifle and centerfire pistol will be arriving at stores this year through 2023.


During the more than 10 years since Winchester’s previous packaging redesign, millions of new shooters have entered the shooting sports and hunting community. Winchester has met the needs of new and old shooters alike with all-new designs, commissioned artwork, and relevant ballistics information, which should help hunters and recreational shooters with making informed decisions about ammunition.

“As the industry leader in ammunition innovation, we continue to research products our customers want, how they shop, and how we can help them make confident and easy purchases,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “We want our customers to have the best experience in the field and on the shooting range, and choosing the right ammunition type is an important decision.”

As Winchester fans begin to see the redesigned ammo boxes on the shelf at their favorite stores, they can expect to find the same solid ammunition the company has been producing for 156 years, with their favorite loads being represented by a fresh new look.

Learn more at winchester.com.

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