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Calif. Lawmaker Mistakes Plastic Litter for Firearm Packaging

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Gun-control advocates often demonstrate that they have no knowledge of the very firearms they want to regulate or ban. California Assemblyman David Chiu (D) just joined those dubious ranks by posting on Twitter about finding plastic packaging for a Glock-style CO2 air gun that he clearly mistook for a firearm.

The tweet read: “Finding the discarded packing of a semi-automatic on a leisurely weekend walk was disturbing, particularly during this month’s surge of gun violence in San Francisco. #EndGunViolence #EnoughIsEnough” It included a picture of an opened plastic blister pack, which once held a Glock 19-style air gun.

After pushback, Chiu deleted the original tweet and posted: “I deleted an earlier tweet that misidentified a Glock 19 air pistol. While it is not a semi-automatic, it’s still disturbing to see the remnants of a weapon that can cause injury, especially in an area where young kids play and while we are dealing with a surge of gun violence in SF.”

It seems that Chiu genuinely believed you could purchase an actual firearm in plastic blister packs and has no idea what qualifies a firearm (or air gun) as semi-automatic. That hasn’t stopped him from pushing for further gun-control legislation in California, including technically unfeasible microstamping laws via Assembly Bill 2847. Of course, even President Joe Biden is well known for his gaffes about guns.

Article by Mel Dixon

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