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First Look: CVA Scout Pistol in 350 Legend

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Kinsey’s Inc. has announced the release of an exclusive variant of CVA’s Scout Pistol in 350 Legend. This handcrafted handgun is based-around a reliable, single-shot, break action design. Its barrel is fluted and ported, while all metalwork is Cerakoted for protection against the elements. Atop the barrel sits a stretch of Weaver rail, which makes mounting any sort of optic—be it red-dot or magnified—fast and easy. Meanwhile, the pistol’s textured grip and foregrip are finished in Veil Alpine camo.

With a light trigger break of around three pounds, the Scout Pistol is an easy gun to operate and shoot accurately. Simply pull rearward on the large tang extending beneath the trigger guard, and pull down on the barrel. This will reveal the chamber. Slide a single cartridge in, close things up and pull back the spurred hammer. A unique looking safety resides below it, ensure it is pointed rightward towards fire, otherwise the hammer will refuse to cock. While it may seem a silly inclusion on a single-shot, hammer fired pistol, the safety was not a choice of the original designers, but a requirement to satisfy import restrictions. Once ready and on-target, a trigger with a pull weight right around three pounds allows for easy accuracy, while a muzzle brake threaded to the end of the gun’s 14-inch barrel mitigates what would otherwise be a stout recoil. For the next shot, repeat the process.

Checking both the handgun and straight-wall box, the Scout Pistol in 350 Legend would be an excellent choice for any hunter, but particularly those hunting hardwoods in straight-wall-only states. Despite its diminutive size and low-profile looks, the gun still boasts enough knockdown power to easily down a whitetail, while being an easy carry though thick, brushy country.

Born of a partnership between CVA and Kinsey, Steve Mullinax, national sales manager for CVA said of the pistol, “We at CVA are excited to partner with Kinsey’s Inc. to bring you this exclusive 350 legend Scout pistol. It’s incredible accuracy and lightweight configuration make it the perfect choice for chasing deer in the deep woods.”

For more information on the CVA Scout V2 Pistol in 350 Legend, available only at kinseysinc.com. For more information on the Scout pistol in general, check out cva.com.


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