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SAAMI Accepts And Standardizes 360 Buckhammer

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Remington Ammunition announced that the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) has accepted the 360 Buckhammer. The organization has already published detailed specifications [PDF]. Its chamber and cartridge dimensions—adhered to throughout the industry—ensure pressure remains within safe limits and cartridge compatibility, regardless of the ammunition or firearm manufacturer.

“The acceptance of cartridges by SAAMI is crucial in the process of making new loads legitimate for American hunters and shooters,” said Remington Senior Director of Engineering Jared Kutney. “Whitetail hunters needed a straight-wall cartridge that functions flawlessly in a lever-action rifle, and we’re thrilled to have 360 Buckhammer accepted by the high standards set by the organization.”

The .360 Buckhammer was officially introduced to the public at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Jan. 2023. That rarely seen pace of SAAMI’s acceptance, however, makes it obvious the cartridge had been undergoing testing by SAAMI’s technical committee for some time.

When senior executive editor of NRA’s American Hunter had a chance to test its performance on a whitetail hunt, he noted, “In the 360 Buckhammer, Remington has come up with a 200-yard offering for straight-wall rifle hunters that fills a void between light recoiling handgun loads and the heavy-hitting Government loads. And the name is fitting, as it puts the hammer on bucks, and not your shoulder.”

The cartridge is designed specifically for lever-actions, bullet diameter is 0.358″ and 180- or 200-grain Core-Lokt loads are already available from Remington. Muzzle velocity runs between 2,215 and 2,400 fps. At range day during the SHOT Show attendees had the opportunity test the cartridge with a properly chambered Henry Repeating Arms lever-action rifle. The reaction was universally positive, with many noting the reduced recoil compared to the .30-.30 Win.-chambered rifle provided for side-by-side comparison.

SAAMI standardization means more gun manufacturers will be introducing firearms chambered for 360 Buckhammer. Henry Repeating Arms, however, is slightly ahead of that curve and has already announced four models will soon be available. SAAMI has created and published industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality since 1926, as well as coordinating technical data. The organization creates and promulgates technical, performance, interchangeability and safety standards for firearms, ammunition and components.

Article by GUY J. SAGI


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