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Barrett model 99 .50 BMG Dominates FCSA World Championships

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. congratulates the Barrett Shooting Team for bringing home eight awards, including two first place trophies, from the annual Fifty Caliber Shooting Association (FCSA) .50 BMG World Championships.

 Both shooters, Darik Bollig and Jeff Burch, sported Barrett Model 99 rifles. Burch is the 2015 Hunter Class FCSA World Champion. In this class, Burch placed 1st overall scoring 285 – 7x and placed 1st in group with a score of 9.542”. Bollig placed 5th overall with a score of 280 – 6x and placed 6th in group with a score of 13.375”.

In the Unlimited Class, each shooter was given 30 rounds and 300 would result in a perfect score. Burch scored 288 – 10x placing 2nd overall and a group score of 11.365” placing 10th overall. Bollig placed 10th with a score of 279 – 9x and a group score of 13.354” placing 14th.

In the Team Match Burch and Bollig were apart of team Thunder Ammo Two placing third. Burch carried the team with a score of 285 – 7x and a group score 9.542”.

Burch also placed 5th overall in Two Gun out of 57 two gun shooters. His best group scored 6.938”.

In the 600 yard match there were three events: Practical, Semi Auto, and a Two Gun Combined Score. In the Practical, Bollig placed 5th with a score of 139 – 2x and Burch placed 6th with a score of 137 – 4x. In the Semi-Auto, Burch and Bollig used a Barrett M107A1 suppressed rifle.  Burch placed 5th with a score of 112 – 1x.

In the Two Gun Combined Score Burch placed 2nd with a score of 249 – 5x and Bollig placed 5th with a score of 238 – 2x.

About Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. 

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company and the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 73 State Department approved countries across the world.

For more information, visit: www.Barrett.net.

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