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Editor’s Choice: Springfield Armory LevAR

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While many recent new-gun launches have stolen the spotlight, Springfield Armory has also quietly launched a new accessory in the LevAR that’s a welcome upgrade for AR-15 owners. This unique product provides a solution for stuck rifle cartridges that, until now, have taken rifles out of commission as owners pry or ram stubborn cases from the chambers of their guns.

Springfield’s LevAR features a ratcheting mechanism with an extended lever that hinges out from the right side of a rifle. When pulled, the mechanism works against the upper portion of an AR receiver to pry stuck cases out of the chamber, getting rifles back in action with minimal effort. In its standard configuration, the LevAR looks and operates like an ambidextrous charging handle and provides a generous surface area for easy charging.

To implement the levering ratchet mechanism, users simply depress a spring-loaded button on the right side of the handle, which allows the extended lever to unfold. Pulling the lever forces the internal mechanism to cam against the upper portion of the receiver, which pries stuck cases from a chamber. Stuck cartridge cases are normally a rare occurrence in well-maintained rifles shot with quality factory ammunition, but it only takes one instance to immobilize a gun.

Outside the intended purpose of the ratchet mechanism, American Rifleman editors also experienced an added benefit to the system. With the extended lever deployed, the charging handle easily clears the ocular bell of a mounted riflescope, giving users a straight-pull-style manual of arms for charging their optically sighted AR-15s. While certainly more complicated than standard charging handles, the LevAR does incorporate rather robust components for improved durability. The LevAR is slightly heavier than mil-spec charging handles, weighing in at nearly 3 ozs. Price: $100. Contact: Springfield Armory; (800) 680-6866; springfield-armory.com.


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